Merits Explorer

Merits Explorer
Merits Explorer Merits Explorer Merits Explorer Merits Explorer Merits Explorer Merits Explorer
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Merits Explorer - Mid Size Scooter

We are very excited about this scooter, we had hoped its performance was as good as its looks and we weren't disappointed.

This is a new generation of Scooter. A completely new design from Merits. Modern styling on the Explorer combined with the new chassis & suspension create a scooter that looks & performs more like a personal electric vehicle, not a mobility scooter. Quite frankly these are a lot of fun to drive and they look cool. That is quite important considering many people who need a scooter won't buy one because they think a scooter is for "old people" and quite frankly many current designs look fairly staid & conservative. The Merits Explorer breaks that mould looking and performing more like a modern electric vehicle than a mobility scooter as previously mentioned.

Creature comforts have advanced too. The digital Dash the provides speed, odometer, battery  level, ambient temperature and time which is quite an improvement over the usual button & knobs we are currently served. New control levers, 12V charge socket, comfortable seat, adjustable steering column and dual mirrors provide a geat cockpit for the driver. 

The ride of the Explorer is the best I have experienced in ANY mid sized scooter. It soaks up the bumps like nothing else, it feels extremely stable. All this is thanks to the completly new chassis & suspension. Its a great improvement on any previous offering. Powering this package is the Merits 1750 watt 4PT (4 pole technology) motor that accomodates 40-50ah batteries. 



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