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December 23, 2011 No Comments by admin

Many pedestrians are quite scared of mobility scooter riders. There is one simple way to put their nerves at rest and at the same time improve the image of Mobility scooters. If you’re not aware Mobility scooters are actually very powerful producing a lot of torque and in the event of Mobility Scooter rider versus human the Mobility scooter will win every time.

When you are riding your mobility scooter toward people they can get a bit nervous as they aren’t sure what you are going to do or if you have actually seen them.  To give everyone piece of mind simply acknowledge them. Whether it be a smile or a wave, a smile & a wave is probably best and you will find most people will smile or wave back at you. Then both parties are aware of each other, it is up to the Mobility Scooter rider to give way to any pedestrian.

Another good idea is to slow down when approaching other footpath users especially when there are children around. I know this sounds pretty obvious but some mobility scooter riders give us a bad name by charging through like they own the footpath. In Queensland it is law that mobility scooters give way to all other pedestrians including bicycles. So if you hit someone you will be in the wrong and liable for the damages, possibly even criminal charges

A little courtesy from both the Mobility Scooter rider & the pedestrian goes a long way, the smile & wave approach will do wonders for our image and when people smile at each other often makes your day that little bit better.

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